Stay Home Drink Tea

Stay Home Drink Tea

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Dear fellow tea lovers,

Hopefully, you're doing well over the week.

Recently it's been overwhelming and uncertain for many of us. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves is by preventative measures:

• Wash our hands frequently.
• Use masks properly and responsibly.
• Have our temperature checked regularly.
• Avoid clustered and non-essential contact with others. Stay home, maintain a safe distance.
• Never touch our eyes, nose, mouth, and ears with unwashed hands. 

Stay healthy requires keeping hydrated, sleeping well, exercising regularly, eating healthy food and keeping a balanced diet. 

For self peace of mind, here's a simple trick we can do every morning. Simple self-check test every morning, take a deep breath and hold it in for more than ten seconds without coughing, feeling stiff or tight in the chest, means there's no fibrosis in the lungs. Basically, it indicates that the lungs are not infected.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay protected, and drink more tea, together we can defeat the virus 🦠. 

To anyone who is sick, get well soon. My heart goes out to you. We love you all. God bless you. 💚

Here's a discount code for you during this crisis period until April 20th. Enter the discount code "stay home drink tea" for your entire order to get an extra 10% discount at check out. ✨🍃✨🍂 ✨☕️✨

Wish you the best. 


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