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Starter Kit for 1 set of all available tea samples


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Dear Tea Lovers, please check out the starter kit if you're new to our teas so that you can experience what makes our authentic teas so unique and exotic.

Starter Kit: 

1. 3g of Pekoe White Taiwanese White Tea,

2. 3g of Pekoe Gold Taiwanese Oriental Beauty Tea, (N/A)

3. 3g of Gaoshanchi Fushoushan High Mt. Tea, 

4. 3g of Gaoshanqingxiang Lishan High Mt. Tea, 

5. 6g of Gu Yun Taiwan Aged Tea,

6. 6g of Zhu Lu Alishan High Mt. Tea,

7. 6g of Jin Zhu Organic Oolong Tea,

8. 6g of Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong Tea,

9. 6g of Shanlinxi Sun-Link-Sea High Mt. Tea,

10. 6g of Qing Tian Xiang Light Roast Dong Ding Oolong,

11. 6g of Tan Xiang Traditional Dong Ding Oolong,

12. 6g of Mi Xiang Bug Bitten Organic Oolong,

13. 6g of Taiwanese Style Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, 

14. 6g of Tsui Yu Jade Light Oolong,

15. 6g of Organic Tsui Yu Jade Light Oolong,

16. 6g of Sijichun Floral Light Oolong,

17. 6g of Sijichun Fruity Dark Oolong,

18. 6g of Wenshan Baozhong Pou Chong Oolong,

19. 3g of T-18 Organic Ruby #18 (Red Jade) Black Tea,

20. 3g of T-18 Organic Ruby #18 (Red Jade) GABA Black Tea,

21. 6g of Healthy GABA Taiwan GABA Oolong Tea,

22. 6g of Natural Jasmine Scented Oolong Tea,

23. 6g of Gu Xiang Medium Roast Dong Ding Oolong Tea,

24. 6g of Organic Wuyi Light Oolong Tea, 

25. 6g of T-20 Organic Ying Xiang Light Oolong Tea.

26. BONUS TEA: 6g of Aged Wuyi Dark Oolong Tea (Not for sale, for sharing only). 


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2. Only one set can be added in every single order.