Spring Sale 2024

New variety released!!!

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Dear tea lovers,

We wish you a very joyful, peaceful and prosperous new year.

We hereby announce that a new variety released named as Gu Xiang Dong Ding Taiwan Oolong Tea, categorized in Roasted Oolong collection. https://www.fong-mong-tea.com/collections/roasted-oolong/products/gu-xiang-taiwan-dong-ding-tung-ting-oolong-tea-loose-leaves

Hopefully, you'll have a chance to try it by taking the advantage before the holiday season sale ends. The sale is ending at 12:00 am, Jan. 1st, 2019 CST. 

Wish you a very happy shopping experience.

Adm./Fong Mong Tea Corp.