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Brewing Tea, Temperature Matters.

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The water temperature affects the taste and the aroma of the tea by the effect on the dissolution of the tea ingredients. 

What temperature applied to brew what types of tea obtains high-quality tea liquor, which can be divided into three categories: 

  1. Low temperature (70°C~80°C) is applied to brew green tea and yellow tea with buds such as Longjing and Biluochun; Baihao Oolong with buds and young leaves; white tea with buds.

  2. Medium temperature (80°C ~ 90°C) is applied to brew green tea with mature leaves; black tea with buds (Jin Junmei, Yin Junmei); as well as Baozhong oolong with lighter oxidization.

  3. High temperature (90°C ~ 100°C) is applied to brew oolong tea, such as Dahongpao, Dong Ding, Tieguanyin, Wuyi rock tea with higher oxidization, etc., and post-fermented Puer tea. These two types of tea with tender leaves, the water temperature applied should be low while that with mature leaves, the water temperature applied should be high. 

A basic guideline for the above-mentioned oolong tea, the higher the roasting level is, the higher the water temperature should be applied. On the contrary, the lighter roasting the tea is, the lower the water temperature should be applied. Generally speaking, the more tender the tea leaves are, the lower the water temperature is applied. The higher water temperature makes the leaves burn easily. The tea liquor turns yellow, and the flavor becomes bitter; while the lower water temperature makes the tea liquor low fragrance. 

Do you boil water to 100°C and then drop to the desired temperature? Or how high is the water temperature desired and then boil the water to the required temperature? It depends on whether the water needs to be sterilized or if it's necessary to reduce some certain minerals and fungicides using the high-temperature water. Depending on the necessity, first, boil the water to 100°C and then drop it to the desired temperature; if not the case, then directly boil it to the desired temperature. When the water boils for too long, the gas content in the water will decrease, which is bad for the aroma to evaporate. This is the reason why water cannot be burned. 

All the above suggestions are only for reference, not the only standard. Everyone has his/her own brewing method, which should be respected by anyone else.

Have a nice tea time.

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