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Chemical Flavored Tea v.s. No Chemical Flavored Tea

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What is fragrance flavored tea?

Fragrance flavored tea is added to the tea to use flavors and pigments to enhance the aroma of the tea and improve the color of the tea. Flavored teas generally are sold at lower prices, and the tea itself is sometimes a spent tea or a bad tea. After addition, everyone feels that it is not only cheap but also "good smell". 

Is flavored tea harmful to the human body?

Each kind of natural tea contains as many as hundreds or even thousands of substances, and the proportion is relatively fixed. Once artificially added other substances, it will greatly destroy and change the proportion of the original ingredients of the tea, also violate the essence of the tea itself as a traditional flavor of healthy drinks. It can cause damage to the liver, affecting the body's normal detoxification, and cause cancer if long-term consuming the flavored tea. Therefore, everyone must be cautious when purchasing teas. Don't be cheated by cheap teas. Buy and drink the right tea will benefit the body and the mind. 

>>>Three characteristics of flavored tea<<<

From the appearance, flavored tea is similar to natural tea, but it can be quite different. In general, flavored tea has three characteristics. 

  1. Strong fragrance: The odor of fragrance flavored dry tea will be unnatural which is strong, sharp or pungent. The smell stays in the nasal cavity for a long time after smelling. You'll feel uncomfortable when you smell it for a long time or when you sniff it as feeling dizzy while smelling inferior perfume. Even some dry teas have the smell of chemical solvents (because the essence needs to be extracted by chemical solvents). 

  1. Turbid tea liquor: After brewing, the tea liquor is cloudy and the aroma is pretty strong. 

  1. Poor aroma durability: After brewed, fragrance drops quickly at each infusion. The aroma is single, boring and very thin, even no aroma at the third infusion.  

>>>Four methods to penetrate the fragrance flavored tea<<< 

  1. Paper towel adsorption method: Put the paper towel into the container of dry tea and seal the container for half an hour. Because the paper towel has a strong adsorption capacity to the essence, if the paper towel has the fragrance of chemical flavor, it can be regarded as the essence. The longer the sealing time is, the stronger the flavor is. The smell of the paper towel used to test tea without added flavor is consistent with that of the tea itself.  If you want to shorten the time of discrimination, you can also take the steam adsorption method. Put the tea into a glass and brew it. Cover the glass with a paper towel. About one minute later, remove the paper towel and cool it, then smell it. Fragrance flavored tea generally contains a solid-scenting agent. When it is heated, the pungent flavor will adhere to the paper towel along with the vapor, and it is not easy to disperse. 

  1. Watch tea stain overnight: After the tea session, leave the spent leaves. After the night, you will find a thick layer of tea stain in the teacup the next morning (because the tea stain is mainly composed of trace elements of tea and that being oxidized in the air). If the color of the tea stain is yellowish-orange, such as light yellow, dark yellow, orange, etc., it means that the tea does not contain any additives. Otherwise, if the tea stain shows light green, dark green and other colors, it means that the tea may contain additives. 

  1. Hand rubbing tea: If you choose tea in the store, you can rub the tea or even crush it by hand. If some color residue is attached to the palm, it is very likely that some additives or dyeing agents were added, so it is best not to buy the tea. 

  1. Brew tea with low-temperature: Most teas require water with more than 95 degrees to brew, and the aroma and flavor will come out. For some teas that add flavors, the color and aroma will be brewed at about 80 degrees or even in cold water. 

Have a great tea time. 

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