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Is tea your daily drink instead of water?

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We all know about drinking tea is good for our health, with no doubt. Long-term drinking tea without regularly drinking water may result in the following sufferings:

1. Cause constipation

Tea contains tannic acid and theophylline. Excessive tannin reduces the secretion of the small intestine, inhibits the peristalsis of the intestine, and causes the gastrointestinal motility to deteriorate. According to a study in "British Medical Journal 1981", excessive theophylline causes dehydration of extracellular fluid, increases renal pelvic filtration rate, and reduces renal tubular resorption, ultimately leads to constipation problems.

In addition, besides theophylline and tannic acid, tea also contains caffeine with a diuretic effect. If the tea is drunk as water, it may cause the body water-deficient, and the feces formed in the intestines will be dry and hard. Coupled with poor gastrointestinal motility, naturally, there will be troubles with constipation.

2. Reduce calcium absorption

Caffeine will reduce the absorption of calcium. If you have osteoporosis problems, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of consuming tea or coffee. Moreover, caffeine is diuretic, the body needs to replenish water at any time (at least 2000cc a day), with a small amount frequently. However, if you have kidney disease or heart disease requiring water restriction, pay special attention to the restrictions of drinking water. It is recommended to consult a dietitian or physician first.

3. Affect iron absorption

If people who are already suffering from anemia drink excessive tea for a long time, excessive tannin in tea will reduce the secretion of the small intestine, inhibit the peristalsis of the intestine, affect the absorption of iron, and reduce the absorption rate of iron in the body, which may aggravate the condition of anemia. It is recommended to replace the tea with a glass of fresh juice. The vitamin C in the juice can promote the absorption of iron.

So how can we drink tea properly without hurting our body? Nutritionist Cheng Mingwei pointed out that there is no drinking limit regulation for tea nowadays. It is commonly recommended that do not drink tea more than 600cc a day. But if there is any discomforts in the body, please reduce or stop drinking. In addition, the caffeine, tannin and theophylline content in tea with different types, origins, and processing are not exactly the same. It is recommended to drink tea 1 to 2 hours later after a meal to avoid affecting the absorption rate of calcium and iron. Patients with gastrointestinal ulcers are advised to replace tea with water to reduce gastrointestinal irritation. Keep it in mind of drinking tea for health and antioxidation, 600cc limited a day. If more tea consumed, there must be more water consumed accordingly.

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  • Thanks for enlighten me on the subject matter “is tea your daily drink”with this write-up I realized I have been mislead that excess tea has no effect.Once again thank u for this information & enlightenment.

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  • Think tea, it’s not a weed,
    Tea is pretty good for you,
    think, green tea and turmeric tea and fruit tea enjoy your tea party. Happy teaing , with friends and family have yourself a grand tea party .
    Think tea share which tea you love best. Kind regards an English tea thinker , i enjoy ginger tea among other tea without milk for me, use hot but not , too hot water. … I always always leave the tea bag in my cup … Blissful drinking enjoy your precious tea .
    Kind regards swift

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