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Timing of Drinking Tea V.S. Iron Absorption

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Tea lovers are usually afraid of iron deficiency. Don't worry too much if you drink tea at the right time! Some ingredients in tea hinder the absorption of iron. Therefore, the medical profession recommends not to drink tea less than 1 hour before or after meals. The latest research approved that drinking tea 1 hour later by meals can greatly reduce doubts that hinder iron absorption. 

What is the absorption rate of iron if with tea and with boiling water? Research revealed the truth. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a new study. The University of Chester's research team invited average 25-year-old healthy women to eat oatmeal with non-heme iron for three consecutive days. With water, with tea, and with tea after 1 hour, these three ways to experiment. 

According to the blood test, the iron absorption rate with water was found to be 5.7%, and the iron absorption rate with tea decreased to 3.6%. However, if drinking tea 1 hour after a meal, the iron absorption rate would rise to 5.7%, almost the same as the effect of that with water. Therefore, the research team believes that people who are worried about drinking tea will hinder iron absorption can effectively reduce the incidence of iron deficiency anemia with drinking tea 1 hour after meals. 

Doctor Zheng reminded that according to the above research results, it will reduce the absorption of iron for people who are used to drinking tea immediately after a meal. In the long term, it'll cause symptoms such as anemia, the decrease in immunity, dizziness, and fear of cold. It is recommended to pay attention to the time of drinking tea so as to avoid the health risks of insufficient iron absorption.

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