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Whether the tea liquid is acidic or alkaline?

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The truth is that tea leaf is a kind of beverage with strong alkali, but tea liquid is acidic. Tea liquid can adjust pH value of the body fluid, as long as your stomach is healthy enough. Drinking tea with the unexcessive amount every day is pretty good for your health.

Measuring the general range of tea acid with a wide range of pH test paper, pH value generally in the range of 5.5-7, is weak acidic. The strength of its acidity has been associated with the types of tea, brewing time and the tea itself (old or tender).  

1. Acid or alkali varies from different types of tea. Green tea is the weakest, while black tea and oolong tea are relatively stronger. Those are all weak acidic. It explains that the acidity of tea liquid is related with tea species and production methods.

2. The pH value varies from different soaking times. It gets the weakest acid, close to neutral when the tea is soaked for 5 min. 15 minutes after brewing, tea acid has been enhanced, basically to the maximum. Continuing the soaking time, if using a test paper, basically nothing changes.

3. PH is also different for different tenderness of the tea leaf. Bud tea has relatively weak acidity compared to leaf tea. The more tender the tea is, the weaker the acidity is, the older the tea is, the stronger the acidity is.

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