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Why 3 g of tea, 150 cc of water, 6 minutes?

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Why does Fong Mong Tea suggest international standard 3 g of tea, 150 cc of water, 6 minutes to brew tea? 

Human’s sensory organs are subjective. In order to objectively evaluate teas, it is necessary to minimize the external environmental impacts to present the tea liquor in the same way. 

ISO 3103 is a standard developed by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), which specifies a standardized tea brewing method, derived from the standard BS 6008:1980 developed by the British Standards Association (BSI) in 1980. 

The significance of this standard is not to develop an appropriate method of tea brewing, but to record the steps of it. Making the comparison of sensory organs becomes feasible. For example, one brand of tea can use this method to work on tea tasting to determine the mixing ratio of tea in each harvest season to ensure the consistency of the taste of the brewed tea. 

Brewing tips: 

Warm up the tasting cup first. Serve 3 grams of tea into the tasting cup, pour the boiling water to fill the cup, cover with the lid and pour the boiling water over the lid. Set the timer; allow sitting 5 to 6 minutes (strip-type of tea about 5 minutes, Bai-hau oolong tea about 5.5 minutes, tightly rolled tea about 6 minutes). Pour the liquor by crossing the tasting cup on the tea bowl, so that the tea liquor flows into the tea bowl. Replace the tasting cup; the tea residue left in the cup is for the fragrance review. In order to review the color of tea liquor better, use a clean spoon to draw a 1/4 and 1/2 circles in the tasting bowl, so that the tea slag in the bowl centralizes. We also evaluate the tea aroma by smelling the spoon soaked in the tea liquor. 

Tea evaluation: 

Tea evaluation is basically divided into 1. the color of the dry tea appearance, 2. tea liquor color, 3. tea liquor aroma, 4. tea liquor taste, and 5. tea leaf residue, etc. First review the color of the tea appearance. Second review the color of the tea liquor poured into the tea bowl. Next, smell the aroma of the tea leaf residue in the tasting cup for several times. Then take the proper amount of tea liquor into the mouth, bump the tongue so that tea liquor is in contact with air. Make sure that tea liquor covers the tongue. The tea aroma in the mouth was exhaled by the nasal cavity. Integrate the tea aroma and tea taste. Finally, look at the tea reside carefully to sum up the evaluation of tea quality. 

We would suggest the method of international standardized tea brewing at the very first purchase of your tea. You can always try to generate the best way of tea brewing for each kind of teas and to get the best taste you like. You will get a very first look and image of high-quality tea by evaluating teas in this brewing method. It can also help you efficiently to know what kind of tea will be your favorite. After the first try with international standardized tea brewing method, you can experiment other advance tea brewing ways (gongfu style), like small teapot method to explore more possibility and elegance in the world of Taiwanese high-quality tea. Wish you all a great tea journey.

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