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Gu Yun Taiwanese High Mt. Aged Tea Loose leaves


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Hand plucked Gu Yun Taiwanese High Mt. Aged Tea Loose Leaves


Item: Gu Yun Taiwanese High Mt. Aged Tea 300g


Pack size: Per 150g +/- 5% (5.29 oz) loose leaves in 2 vacuum-sealed foil bags


Cultivar: TTES #12




Hand plucked and aged since 10 years ago, was a fine tea at the time it was produced, this aged tea develops brown-black tea leaves as it is dry. In the process of becoming an old tea, the tea was repeatedly roasted (in order to eliminate excess moisture and odor), and the tea leaves are conducting with a Maillard reaction to produce a large amount of gallic acid.

The liquor it produces promises the notes of smokey, burn wood, and subtle sweet aftertaste (fruit acid). Firstly tasted mellow with the mild fragrance and then a sweet aftertaste quickly rising from the throat. This tea is perfect for people who prefer the aged taste (after chemical transformation) of oolong tea, drinking Aged Oolong Tea is definitely an exclusive choice and also an enjoyable lifestyle for all tea lovers.

Brewing tips: 

The water used to steep this tea is about 90-95 degrees Celsius depending on an individual's preference. Use the ratio of 1g to 50cc (or 1g to 25cc), the first infusion time of about 6 (or 3) minutes is recommended with more or less time depending on the desired concentration. As a rough guide, the higher the temperature of the water or the greater the number of leaves used, the shorter the steeping time should be. The tea leaves should uncurl for full flavor.


For the ultimate enjoyment, a traditional Chinese Yixing teapot is recommended for loose oolong-aged tea. The teapot should be half filled with leaves and initially steeped for 15 seconds (depending on an individual's preference) with the steeping time increased by an additional 5 seconds for each successive steeping. The leaves may be steeped multiple times. 




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