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4 Precautions for Tea Preservation

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  • 1. Fear of damp: Teas are most afraid of the damp environment. To ensure of not degenerating for tea leaves in the storage process, the tea must be dried to a moisture content of less than 6%, preferably controlled to between 3 to 5%. Put the opened teas in airtight bags, and then pack in non-translucent boxes.
  • 2. Fear of odors: Tea contains polymer palmitic acid and postsychoid compounds. Such substances are naturally active and absorb strange smells easily. Tea has great absorption capacity. All of the gas smells can be easily absorbed, such as camphor flavor, smoke, wood flavor, and dishes taste. Of course, in a very short term, the tea stales. Conversely, tea is also a good helper in eliminating odors.
  • 3. Afraid of light: Do not use glass jars. Sunlight makes tea chemical change quickly. Make sure to use good sealing, airtight and non-translucent jar to preserve teas.
  • 4. Afraid of heat: Long-term high temperature will make tea oxidize and degenerate slowly.


  • Thus, automatic oxidation of tea must have four conditions, namely temperature, humidity, air, and sunlight. Auto-oxidation of tea will accelerate the proliferation of microorganisms which results in tea’s inevitable corruption. In fact, we all know how to choose good teas. However, after purchase, because of unknowing good methods for preservation, not a month or two good teas are on the deterioration of aging. The tea after deterioration, there will be problems of discoloration, odors, particle soft and weak taste. The worst is that tea absorbs odors, being rotten and unbearable to drink. In such a situation, you can DIY a tea pillow.

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