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Why Taiwanese Oolong?

The high quality of Taiwanese teas is due to several factors. The most important of these is the unique climate and geographical environment in Taiwan.

Taiwan‘s island type climate is in subtropics zone (Tropic of Cancer), and the mountainous terrain provides ideal conditions for the growth of tea (天時-climate condition).

High mountains, the cool, moist air slows its growth and boosts the absorption of organic fertilizer, and this in combination with fertile soil gives the unique properties of tea leaves (地利-geography condition), here it is - one of the best in the world.

Taiwan has its own well-established traditions of tea processing, became mature and adapted to local requirements with TRES‘s assistance, the tea farmers create as many as varieties of tea to grow tea quantity for both domestic and overseas markets. The tea farmers are also encouraged to take tea competitions in order to improve teas' quality, which results in advancing how farmers plant teas and how producers produce teas, finally enhances tea quality as well (人和-people condition), which leads to Taiwanese teas be unique, unbeatable and no longer related to Chinese teas.

Be sure of the origin of the teas you purchase is from Taiwan. Enjoy.