Spring Sale 2024

About Us

We, a group of coffee drinkers as well as tea lovers, would like to share our tea passion, tea knowledge, and Taiwanese tea culture with tea friends in the tea community globally. Being born in Nantou county and familiar with the tea industry, our founder has a special relationship with our farmer family so as to take advantage of promoting Taiwanese Tea since 2009.

Our tea farmers are tea growers, tea producers, and tea traders as well in family-owned farms (business) for several generations in Nantou County, central Taiwan. Based on the trustfulness to each other, we cooperate as a chain of production-marketing with the tea supplier (Nantou is the production base while Taipei is the marketing center.). We are confident to sell teas with high tea quality and good customer service at a reasonable price. With our skilled, experienced, and well-educated tea masters, our tea quality seldom disappoints our customers despite everyone's different taste preferences.

jLteaco representing reliability and authenticity, we strive for our goal to meet customers' satisfaction. A stable single tea source supply with pure quality is our strength. We cherish every transaction with each beloved customer. Being humble and honest is the top principle for all staff at jLteaco.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a message here or you can email us via info@jlteaco.com.