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4 Notes of Tea Drinking

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Here are notes for people who just start to drink tea.


  1. Deficiency of spleen and stomach, or suffering from stomach and duodenal ulcers, should not drink strong tea, so as not to overstimulation, causing stomach discomfort. Such patients can drink light tea after meals.
  2. Generally speaking, do not drink tea on an empty stomach, especially those who do not often drink tea. Drinking strong tea on an empty stomach will inhibit gastric juice. Drinking too much can cause heart palpitations, head dizziness, stomach discomfort, low blood sugar and other tea drunk phenomenon. If this happens, just soak in sweets or drink some sugar water to soothe.
  3. While serving Chinese medicine and Western medicine, it should take a certain interval between drinking tea and taking medicine, and do not drink tea along with iron supplements to avoid losing efficacy.
  4. When the weather is hot, the microorganisms multiply quickly. If the tea soup is not properly stored and exposed to air for too long, its contents are easily corrupted and not suitable for consumption.

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