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7 Precautions for Drinking Tea

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  • 1. Do not drink overnight tea: Tea is a healthy drink, why not drink it overnight? The reason is that tea (tea leaves) would ferment when they are kept for a long time. Tea’s rich in minerals and vitamins. It would easily go bad while subject to air oxidation so that some tea would give off bubbles of gas or get turbid after it is kept overnight.


  • 2. To avoid consuming tea with drugs: Do not drink tea instead of plain water when you take medicine, and the medication should not be close to the time of drinking tea. Sometimes chemical changes because tea is rich in vitamins and other minerals, while it is mixed with a particular drug. So, if you must drink tea, consult the dispensary staff in detail first.


  • 3. Bedtime tea: This is for some certain people who may be physically adapted. Since tea contains caffeine, people will feel it difficult to fall asleep.  However, if you experience daily a small amount of tea, holding the non-stop, after a while, there will not be such a problem.


  • 4. People who don’t have healthy stomach should not drink tea on an empty stomach. Targeted diseases such as stomach pain, patients should avoid injury caused by drinking tea on an empty stomach. The best way is drinking tea after eating food first.


  • 5. The concentration of tea liquor should be appropriate. Too strong tea liquor should be avoided. Drink plain water as equal amount as you consume tea. If you prefer thicker tea liquor, the plain water you drink should be twice to three times of the tea. If people who drink very strong tea without drinking more amount of plain water over a long period of time will be at a higher risk of resulting in tea poisoning.


  • 6. Avoid drinking too hot tea liquor. Brewing tea with over hot water, not only undermine the vitamins in tea but also hurt the throat, esophagus and stomach wall by direct drinking. Consequently, it's a damage to health after all. Brewing tea at a moderate temperature according to the types of tea, and sipping a small amount of tea liquor, is the only way to enjoy the true taste of tea.


  • 7. Women should avoid strong tea and excessive tea consumption during pregnancy. The principle of drinking tea: Pregnant women should drink green tea since green tea is extremely rich in zinc content. Should not drink black tea (which contains the most caffeine), because caffeine in black tea is provided with excitement. Should avoid drinking strong tea. Tea contains tannic acid, pregnant women may cause anemia in pregnancy if consuming too much tea. The fetus may also suffer from congenital iron deficiency anemia.

 Translated and edited by Adm./Fong Mong Tea Corp, all rights reserved.

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