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Drinking Tea v.s. Stomach Issues

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Have you ever thought that if drinking tea hurt my stomach? Nutritionist dispels doubts: not a thing! It depends on the "oxidization degree" of the teas. "Tea" has the effect of refreshing and getting rid of greasy, which is the favorite of many people, but some people worry about drinking tea being harmful to the stomach. The nutritionist said that in fact, it depends on the oxidization degree of the teas which are roughly divided into unoxidized green tea, semi-oxidized oolong tea, and fully oxidized black tea.

Nutritionist Tsai Yusi said that the higher the degree of tea oxidation, the less catechin content will be. Due to oxidation, the content of polyphenols in unoxidized green tea or lightly oxidized oolong tea is relatively much more than fully oxidized black tea, which may cause stomach discomforts. Fully oxidized black tea, and heavily oxidized oolong tea, such as roasted tie guan yin, oriental beauty, and red oolong, etc., contain lower catechin. Once the tea is oxidized, the tea polyphenol content is reduced, and the irritation to the stomach is relatively low. 

Doctor Hong Hongchang said that as long as you can control the concentration of tea (tea/water ratio), brewing temperature and infusion time while drinking tea, moreover do not drink tea in a big volume at one time, it won't hurt the stomach. He also reminds people that if people suffer from a severe peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding, they are advised to avoid drinking tea which will cause symptoms to worsen. Moreover, in order to reduce the absorption of digestion by the gastrointestinal tract, people who suffer from a severe peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding are advised to avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach or drinking tea in a big volume after meals.

Sweet reminder: Avoid consuming anything irritational on an empty stomach (especially unoxidized green tea). Aware of self-health status is a priority before consuming food. Don't drink too much tea in a short time. 

Take care and good luck.

Translated and edited by Adm./jLteaco, all rights reserved.

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