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How much do you know about tea stems?

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The nutritional effectiveness of tea stems 

The so-called tea stems refer to the leaf stems of tea. This is only a general explanation. The so-called "tea stems" here refers specifically to stems that were picked from the finished tea; some people call them tea twigs.

All along, tea people do not have the habit of drinking tea brewed from tea stems. Tea stems contain a considerable amount of aroma substances which are transferred from stems to leaf buds in the tea processing. It is a must to have appropriate tea stems to produce the tea with high fragrance and thick taste.

Tea stems contain a considerable amount of aroma substances. The aroma of tea gradually decreased from the first leaf to the third leaf, while tea stems contain the highest aroma. Tea aroma substances mainly exist in the main veins of tea stems and young leaves; moreover, tender stems contain more amino acids (mainly L-theanine) than those in young leaves.

The vascular bundle in stems is the main inducing tissue for nutrient and aroma, most substances contained are water-soluble. In the tea processing, the aroma was transferred to the leaves from the stems along with the water evaporated.

This can explain why those tea are more fragrant while they have more stems. The tea stems play an important role in those high fragrant teas. The tea stems are often misunderstood because of their unpleasant appearance, and people usually ignore the nutritional value of the tea stems.

Tea stems have a surprising effect on lowering blood sugar. In recent years, diabetes patients tend to be younger ages, and some are even children under 10 years of age. A variety of complications caused by diabetes harm the health of people are even more serious. Therefore, early prevention and early treatment are very important in our daily life.

Now we understand that tea stems contained in tea do not mean that tea is not good. The nutritional value is often ignored by tea consumers. Tea lovers will treasure them as long as they discover the benefits of tea stems.

Additional referred information from TRES about tea stems containing more L-theanine is also attached below.

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