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Tea’s effects on prevention and health care

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  1. Anti-aging effect: Tea tannin and vitamin P have anti-lipid peroxidation. Vitamin C and P in tea complement each other, which has a certain auxiliary effect on anti-aging. During tea drinking, it can reduce the amount of vitamin C discharged through the urine.
  2. Anti-cancer effect: Oolong tea can reduce the rate of cancer induction, while green tea can significantly control the evoked effects of lung cancer.
  3. Effect on immune function: Oolong tea, flower tea, and green tea have the functions of enhancing immunity.
  4. Prevention of cardiovascular disease: Tea can enhance the resistance of the patient's capillaries (reduced brittleness). Oolong tea can reduce total cholesterol and blood viscosity.

Origin from http://www.jhjhs.tyc.edu.tw/~windy0604/speciality/ing0604.htm

Translated and edited by Adm./Fong Mong Tea Corp, all rights reserved.


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