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Will drinking tea suffer lithiasis (stones)?

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Drinking tea may suffer lithiasis such as Urinary tract stones (kidney stones, urinary stones, bladder stones), which comes with a basis that drinking tea in a large volume may Increase the chance of forming calcium oxalate stones due to the ingredients such as oxalic acid, tannic acid, and theobromine in tea. Oxalic acid and calcium in food formed into calcium oxalate after combination. Calcium oxalate is exactly the main component of stones.

The tea itself can crystallize and store the oxalic acid in the cells through the calcium oxalate. The tea contains little amount of oxalic acid, while the caffeine in tea can increase the excretion of the calcium in blood through the kidney. Thus it can be concluded that oxalic acid and calcium may meet in the kidney and bladder, thereby increasing the chance of calcium oxalate formation.

In fact, from the existing research data, in the usual case, drinking tea does not lead to suffer stones. L.J.Brinkley’s research results show that the oxalic acid obtained from drinking tea can be easily absorbed by the digestive tract, and due to the interaction of multiple components, the activity of oxalic acid in tea is very low.

One another factor we need to consider is that the caffeine contained in tea can improve the excretion of calcium in the human body, which may increase the probability that calcium and oxalic acid encounter in the bladder, while caffeine helps urination, which in turn reduces the possibility of stone formation.

In general, drinking tea will not only increase the possibility of stone formation, but also can reduce its possibility. The research results of some other experts also proved this point. For those tea friends who have already suffered stones, we have some suggestions for them: 1. Appropriate control of the amount of tea, 5-10 grams (dry tea) per day is a limit, preferably not more than 15 grams. 2. Avoid drinking strong tea (with high concentration). 3. Do not immediately drink tea in the consumption of calcium-rich foods at the same time, or within half an hour. It’s safe to drink tea at least after half an hour of food consumption.

Translated and edited by Adm./Fong Mong Tea Corp, all rights reserved.
Origin from: https://kknews.cc/zh-tw/health/vzvol.html


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